How much does an executive producer make yearly?

25 May

There are many people that work in the movie industry but the only ones we hear talked about the most are the famous actors and how much they get paid. We really don’t hear about about any other people that get paid a lot of doing their jobs in the industry like the executive producers. An executive producer is the person who discovered and bought the literary property that the film is based on. The executive producers make at least a six-figure salary annually.

As of 2008, the executive producers median of an annual salary was $64,430. Also as of 2008, the middle 50 percent earned was $41,890 to $105,070 on average. Film executive producers in New York and California are the ones that earn the highest salaries with averages between $90,545 to $169,768 and an annual average salary of $120,530. In the motion picture industry, an executive producer secures at least 25 percent of the film’s budget.

In the end, executive producers make enough money to to keep there business going. Also, they make enough money to keep the movies coming. 

What are the cost on producing a movie?


One Response to “How much does an executive producer make yearly?”

  1. msmuntz June 10, 2012 at 9:21 am #

    you are reporting but you do not analyze why.
    Where is the economic analysis?


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